Love Sanibel

Why do people love Sanibel & Captiva Islands?

Almost half of Sanibel Island has been set aside as habitat or preserve. Thus, wildlife lives at every turn. You will be amazed at the animal kingdom that makes its home here – from rabbits, otters and raccoons to manatee, dolphin, osprey, and eagles. Sanibel’s focus is on nature, pure and simple. There are no high rises, no stoplights, no bright lights, no honking horns. Just bicycle bells, lots of animals and birds, keylime pie and seashells as far as the eye can see. It’s a magical place that’s especially perfect for families with small children, but beloved by everyone.

Captiva has a split personality: its miles of beaches face west for unforgettable nightly sunsets. But leave the peaceful beach and walk into the village, and voila! Captiva’s village area is popping with live music, outdoor bistros, galleries and more. It’s fun to walk around and explore this area by foot, day or night. Both islands have marinas from which to explore the upper islands. Wherever you are, you’ve never far from the sea.